Cemetery Commissioner: Cecil Washburn, phone: (802) 234-5258

The Town owns and maintains five public cemeteries. These are the Cherry Hill Cemetery on Christian Hill, the East Bethel Cemetery on Route 14, Fairview Cemetery off Route 12, Gilead Cemetery, and Lympus Cemetery. Lots are available in the Cherry Hill and Fairview Cemeteries. Expansion of the other cemeteries is limited. The Town annually appropriates funds for maintenance, including mowing and trimming. The cemeteries are overseen by the Selectboard. Although there are no immediate plans for improvements in other cemeteries, a new traffic routing is being developed in the newest section of Fairview Cemetery to provide some additional saleable lots. The Selectboard recognizes the need for acquisition of land for additional cemetery space, and several options are being pursued.

To purchase lots and/or make burial arrangements, please contact Cecil Washburn at (802) 234-5258.