Bethel Community Forward Festival

Fall 2023

Schedule of Events

The Town of Bethel Vermont, is gearing up for another fun Community Forward Festival on September 23, 2023. This will be the twelfth year of the festival since its revival after Hurricane Irene swept through the state in 2011.


The Festival will be starting at 10am on the Common next to the White Church and around Downtown Bethel. It will end at 10pm Downtown.


The Parade of Pumpkin People will be popping up again along the sidewalks and lawns. Business owners, vendors on the Common (AKA Band Shell), homeowners, church and civic groups, and individuals create Pumpkin People to represent their business or interests. The theme for 2023 is Cartoon and Sitcom characters from the 60’s. (If you need help with creative ideas for your pumpkin person.)


It’s a good time to catch up with neighbors and find out all the great things Bethel has to offer. Civic groups will be on hand to talk to and lots of vendors with produce, sweets, raffles, art and crafts. There will also be lots of other food, good music groups and activities throughout the day. Come to Bethel Saturday September 23rd. 2023 and enjoy the day!


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