Bethel Recreation Center

The Bethel Pool will be open this summer. However, there are quite a few changes we’d like everyone to know about right from the get-go!

First, and foremost, we have a much smaller staff this year. Typically, we have 9-12 guards with varying degrees of experience, certifications, and availability. This year we have 5 guards.


Amya Roussel and Ty Murawski, who have been guards at the pool for years, will be taking on a leadership role as Co-managers of the pool. You may see them guarding from time to time, but their primary responsibility will be to tend to the daily operations of the pool. Norah Harwood will be Head Guard.


The Bethel Pool is affiliated with the American Red Cross; therefore, we follow the 10:1 ratio for guarding. Because we have so few staff, there may be instances when we may have to limit the number of people swimming at a time. The number of people in the pool will be on a first come first serve basis. We ask that people be respectful and patient with the staff as we work through this.


We’ve made a few changes to Open Swim to give patrons a few more options:

Mondays-Thursdays 12noon-4:50pm, and 6-6:50pm (after evening lessons)

Fridays 12noon-4:50, and 6-8:00pm (after evening lessons)

Saturdays are still in question. If we do have Saturday hours, they will be later in the day (such as 2-6pm instead of 12noon-4pm)


Swim lesson sign ups will ONLY be on the two public sign-up days (Monday, May 20, and Tuesday, May 28 from 6-7:30pm) IF any spots are left, those dates, times, and levels will be posted on Front Porch Forum, the town website, on the bulletin board at the pool, and on the Bethel Recreation FB page. Any spots remaining will be filled only at the Pool Office once the pool opens for the season on June 24. NO swim lesson requests will be taken at the Town Office via phone or email. **See other post regarding Swim Lessons specifically on front page of the website**


There will be fewer children in each level, and in each session of swim lessons. Our swim instructors are new this year and we will not overwhelm them with large classes. No one will be allowed to sign up for multiple sessions of swim lessons. We want to give as many children as possible a chance to have at least one session of lessons. We also will not be offering every level during every session. We know this may not work with many of your schedules but we are doing our best to offer the lower levels several times and the higher levels at least once during the season.


There has been an increase in pool fees. Please see attachment at bottom of page.


Located at 115 Pleasant Street, the Bethel Recreation Center was purchased from the United Church of Bethel on May 24, 1972.  At that time, the area consisted of a single tennis court, a swimming pool, restroom facilities, and a T-33A jet trainer which was donated by the United States Air Force to the Town of Bethel in 1962.
The facility incurred a number of changes shortly after it was purchased.  These include: construction of the pool bath house and installation of a filtration system in 1974, removal of the single tennis court and construction of a double court in 1978, and improvements to the pool in 1981.  Unfortunately, the jet was vandalized over the weekend of July 4, 1976.  Costs associated with repair of the jet were too immense to justify and the plane was removed.  In 1991, a new gel-coated liner was installed to cover the deteriorated asphalt surface of the swimming pool.  A new gel-coat was applied in 2011, extending the life of the pool.
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