Fort Fortitude

The park dedicated in remembrance of Fort Fortitude is located on Main Street between the Mascoma Savings Bank Drive-up Office and Spaulding Press. 
It is thought that the fort built in Royalton was dismantled and the materials used to build Fort Fortitude in Bethel between August 9th and 20th, 1780.  It is believed that the appearance of Fort Fortitude was very similar to that of Fort Defiance in Barnard, the image of which is engraved on the marker of Fort Defiance.  The actual site of Fort Fortitude is not known, although it is believed that it stood until 1785.  On April 19 of that same year, Col. Joel Marsh began to build a dam across the Third Branch of the White River at the falls nearby the present Bethel Mills Property.  Logs and planks from Fort Fortitude were used in construction of this dam.  Addtional lumber from the Fort was used to construct the first mill in Bethel on the east side of the Third Branch near the waterfall.  The dam survived the flood of 1830 and continued to serve the Town for almost another century.  The flood of November 1927 destroyed the dam and washed away all remnants of Fort Fortitude.*
Fort Fortitude Park was officially acquired by the Town of Bethel on April 24, 2007.  Prior to that the land was owned by the railroad, CV Properties Incorporated, and the park was built under a lease entered into in 1878.
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* Additional information regarding Fort Fortitude can be found in the document below.


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