Bandshell & Common

The Common is presently the home of the Bethel Farmer's Market that operates spring to fall on Mondays from 3 to 6 PM. A free summer concert series, arranged by the Bethel Council on the Arts, is held at the Bandshell on Wednesday evenings. The parking lot adjacent to the Common is also a connection point for the
Stagecoach transportation services.
Located next to "The White Church," the Bandshell & Common have seen a few changes in use over the years.  In 1816 it was the "Meeting House Common," in 1853 the Village School District, in 1904 it was the location of the new Whitcomb High and Grade School.  According to an article written by Marshall Dimock, titled "Case Study: The UnRecorded Deed," the school, being used as the elementary school at the time, caught fire one night in 1970.  The fire consumed the top story of the building so children were disseminated to various locations around the village to continue with their education.  The school board then proposed, and voters approved, to build a new wing onto the high school (built in 1950) to serve as the elementary school (its present location at 273 Pleasant Street).  The school board then faced what should be done with the former site.  In the end, the school was torn down and restored to the "Bethel Common" in 1976.*  The foundation of the former school is still in place today and incorporated as part of the landscaping of the site.  The fountain in the center of the old foundation was formerly located at the opposite end of the Church Street bridge.  The bandshell was constructed in 1986 and is "Dedicated to Those Who Served."
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*A copy of the full article is available at the Town Offices.


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