Bethel Town Hall

**The Town Hall now has Wi-Fi through
The Bethel Connection**


Contact Person:  Kelly Hill via the Town Offices (802)234-9340 email:

Location Address (not mailing):  318 Main Street

Uses:   Wedding receptions, meetings, baby showers, cub scouts, town & state board hearings, and other uses authorized by the Selectboard.

Fee Schedule:

Residents/Nonprofits:   $150 per day or $25 per hour, 2 hour minimum; $100 refundable damage/cleaning deposit.
Nonresidents:   $250 per day or $30 per hour, 2 hour minimum; $100 refundable damage/cleaning deposit.
Commercial Enterprises:   $250 per day; $100 refundable damage/cleaning deposit.
Town/Bethel School:   No Charge.
Requirements & Restrictions: 

  • Signed Agreement.
  • Certificate of liability insurance in the amount of One Million Dollars ($1,000,000) listing the Town of Bethel as an additional insured.
  • No smoking on premises – in or outside.
  • No Helium Balloons
  • No alcohol
  • No tacks or tape shall be used as will mar or leave permanent residue on any surfaces when hanging decorations.
  • No open flames are allowed.
  • Town Hall is a Pack In/Pack Out Facility.  Whatever you bring in you must bring out, this includes all trash and recycling.
  • Refer to Agreement for additional information.