Tim Mills
Tim Mills

Wastewater Department

Certified Wastewater Operators:
Richard Manning, Utilities Director/Chief Operator



Mailing Address:
Town of Bethel
Wastewater Department
134 South Main Street
Bethel, VT 05032

It is of utmost importance for people to remember that both the Town’s treatment plant, and individual on-site septic systems, can very easily be damaged if improperly used. The beneficial bacteria that accomplish the breakdown of sewage can be harmed or destroyed if chemicals, medications, or even excess grease, are disposed of through these systems. Since the Town’s wastewater treatment plant does not process large volumes of flow, even small quantities of harmful material can cause damage. Environmentally hazardous materials should be taken to the solid waste facility on Waterman Road in Royalton, Vermont or handled through certified companies that transport and dispose of them.

As of July 1, 2023, the Proposed quarterly Wastewater System User Rates per equivalent unit are:

     $195.65 per E.U. occupied
     $192.01 vacancy rate to cover fixed costs