Bethel Unified Zoning Bylaw

Planning Commission Report
Town of Bethel - Final Unified Bylaw

The Bethel Planning Commission has revised the Town's current zoning ordinance and subdivision regulations and is combining them into a single, Unified Bylaw. These regulations apply to all lands in the Town of Bethel. The  Unified Bylaw would replace the Bethel Zoning Ordinance and Bethel Subdivision Regulations.

Per state statute, a report must be provided that indicates how the proposal:

1. Conforms with or furthers the goals and policies contained in the municipal plan, including the effect of the proposal on the availability of safe and affordable housing:

This  Unified Bylaw reflects a one-year process in which the Bethel Planning Commission worked to bring the town’s land use regulations (Bethel Zoning Ordinance and Bethel Subdivision Regulations) into compliance with state statute, the Bethel Town Plan and to correct other issues. In particular, the Flood Hazard component of the zoning bylaw was strengthened in response to the impacts of Tropical Storm Irene. The potential for significant damage to municipal infrastructure as well as the need to ensure safe housing in the community has led the Planning Commission to propose a no build policy within the floodplain.

2. Is compatible with the proposed future land uses and densities of the municipal plan:

This Unified Bylaw is compatible with the future land use areas (and their densities) proposed in the Bethel Town Plan. The Planning Commission decreased the number of zoning districts – a recommendation of the town plan – in order to simplify the permitting process.

3. Carries out, as applicable, any specific proposals for any planned community facilities.”

There are no specific proposals for any planned community facilities within the Town Plan.